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How to apply to Micro-Finance?

Procedures to apply to micro finance a business.

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Super Admin 2019-06-18 11:34:58

Contact [email protected] and include the following data:

1. brief of your business.

2. Personal ID and Buisness ID verifications.

3. Desired number of shares you wish to sell.

4. The profit percentage "%" shareholders will recieve from your business income.

5. The distribuation cycle in which share holders will revieve their profit "Dividendts" (ie. quarter anual, anual, semi anual...etc)

After review and confirmation of credintials, RACODEX will list your shares in Micro-Finance section for initial sale, and after intial sales complete, shares to be transfers to "Exchange" section where it will be paired with both BTC, and USD$ in trading.


Fund raiser shall create a page for their business which will include all previous information and will be required to update shareholders on profit\loss status when applicable.